December 8

Daughter Lodges

Lodge No Lodge Name Meeting Dates Map
154 St Anthony 1st & 3rd Monday – Oct to Apr Except Dec 1st Mon only & Jan 3rd Mon only (7.30pm) Installation on the 27th Dec Map
228 St Andrew Last Tuesday – Sept to Apr (7.30pm) Map
259 St Nathalan of Tullich-in-Mar 3rd Wed – Sept to Apr (7.30pm) Map
281 Charleston of Aboyne 2nd Wed – Sept to Apr (7.30pm) Map
355 Felix 3rd Sat – Apr/June/Nov (3.30pm) Map
443 St Ternan 1st & 3rd Tue – Oct to Dec & Feb to Apr (7.30pm)  3rd Tue – Sept & Jan (7.30pm) 2nd Sat – Jan – Installation (3.00pm) Map
745 St John 2nd & 4th Thur, 2nd Thur Sept to 4th Thur Apr (7.30pm) Exept 2nd Thur in Dec Map
795 St John 2nd Wed in Sept, then Alt Wed until last in Apr (7.30pm) Map
910 Vale of Alford 1st Wed – Oct to May (7.30pm) Map
922 St Congan 1st Wed – Oct to Apr (7.30pm) Map
991 St Bryde 4th Thur – Sept to Apr, exept Dec 2nd Thur – Dec (all 7.30pm) Map
1179 Royal Ancient 2nd Tue – Oct to Apr (7.30pm) Map
1195 Royal Braemar 3rd Wed – Sept to Apr (7.30pm) Map
1210 Tap O’Noth 3rd Thur – Oct to May (7.30pm) Map
1224 Leuchar Alt Tue from 2nd Tue – Sept to Dec, then Jan – 4th Tue only, then Alt Tue until Apr (7.30pm) Map
1269 St Andrew 2nd Fri – Sept to Apr (7.30pm) Map
1287 St Mary’s 2nd Wed – Oct to Apr (7.30pm) Map
1358 Strathdon 1st Tue – Oct/Nov, 1st & 3rd Tue Dec, 2nd Tue Jan, 1st Tue – Feb to May (8.00pm) Map
1535 Brimmond 1st & 3rd Thur – Sept to May (7.30pm) Map
1767 Waterton 2nd Mon – Oct to May (7.30pm) Map

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